Building Energy Conservation is Not Just the Government Gets Out of the Wrong Ideas About Green Building

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Energy, water and materials, and land-based green building, is only in recent years a new concept, the promotion process, and some green building name only, and some simply "pseudo-green building", some even confusing and difficult to promote. On April 1 just-concluded Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Energy Conservation Conference, experts and scholars gathered for the green building name, the hope that the green building out of the three major errors.

Green does not mean high prices and high cost.

In the event of bombing and the concept of sales to advertising hype popular, "green building" has become a real estate business, without exception, their catchy new phrases are, so give the impression that green building is high-grade construction. How the cost of green building, will become a factor in raising prices, housing and the vice minister made reply:

Green building is a broad concept, the green does not mean high prices and high cost. For example Yan'an cave Dongnuanxialiang, transforming it into a Chinese-style green building, cost is not high; Xinjiang, there is a building with local characteristics, and its walls by a local straw plaster and a combination of good ventilation, insulation is high, coupled with a very localized roof, is a typical village green building, its cost only 800 yuan / square meter, can be described as cheap.

Chinese people are not too high in the case of income, housing prices and housing costs we are very sensitive. Qiu said, we have introduced green building standards and technologies, to give full consideration to these issues require the use of green building technologies, products and facilities, costs are lower, should not affect the price of real estate. It is worth mentioning is that once the application of these technologies and equipment, the investment return rate is very high, because households can minimize electricity, water and other energy expenditure, generally 5 to 8 year period , you can come back to cost.

For example, a German company, a building energy-saving assistance to the project, the Government gave out 3,000 yuan per household, households own a 2,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan of foreign aid, a total of an investment in 7000 dollars, were from the outside of the building insulation to heating, intelligent, glass, doors, ceilings and water circulation system overhaul.

After transformation, the decrease in household spending one year reached more than 3,000 yuan, many people have asked around the use of these technologies. Qiu said, is not modern, high technology is green, to break this misunderstanding. Building energy efficiency to green building and development of road located in the high-end, aristocratic, will not be successful; proven road to development identified as Chinese-style, ordinary people type, applicable technology type, to the healthy development of green building.

Previous intelligence on the detour, and many intelligent building, remain in the security, sound control, the lines were very complex, very high cost, even the high power consumption, this is not the proper path of development of intelligent building. Information age should be more intelligent use of information, use less energy. Now some places, smart switches, mobile phones can control home energy switching, winter walking, put heating switch off, half an hour before work, one by phone, you can switch the heating start, so back to the house, the house has been warm in.

When the master work outside the home does not heat, to province 1 / 3 of energy. Again, many in the south, the house air-conditioning 40% in response to outdoor sunlight, to install a small smart temperature measurement device, when the sun is hot, the sunshade automatically rise up and reduce the injection of sunlight, to reduce air conditioning power consumption. This is the green intelligent building is the building with our times.

Qiu frankly, because the identity of green building is not clear, everyone can abuse, "green building" will become the price of the fraudulent real estate developers to improve the concept. Should now be identified to promote green building through the construction of energy, water, land and materials and the specific performance of the indoor environment measurement, given the data, provides for the protection of ecological environment. The green building from a simple concept into a quantitative test standards, meet the standards for green building logo, this will pseudo-green Xianyuan Xing, eventually exit the real estate market.

Green building is not limited to new construction.

"Our new building energy efficiency work done well and it basically followed the green building standards; but to a large number of existing buildings transformed into the work of advancing green building was not very successful, many existing buildings are still energy-hungry." Industry experts raised such a question.

According to Ministry statistics, the new buildings at the design stage of the implementation of the implementation of mandatory energy efficiency standard rate of 53% in 2005 increased to 97% in 2007; the construction phase of the implementation of mandatory energy efficiency standards for the implementation of the rate of 21% in 2005 increased to 71% in 2007, total annual savings of about 7 million tons of standard coal. Within the next 30 years, we have more than 400 million square meters of new building in the existing building management systems, green building standards fail to start on the not so new but the implementation of building energy problems is not very difficult . My difficulty is that the existing 40 billion square meters are building energy-saving, how to make existing buildings into a green building.

For example, heating in north China's building area of 63 million square meters, accounting for 10% of the total construction area of more than one point, building cities and towns account for 40% of the total energy consumption. Heating "iron rice bowl" of some people is to open windows to enjoy Heating, a waste. China's average energy consumption of heating per unit area of standard coal equivalent to 20 kg / square meter? Years, the same latitude as northern Europe under the building heating energy consumption of 1 to 1.5 times. We need to introduce the existing buildings, "central heating, household metering" concept, the need to reform in our country for decades "unit package costs, benefits heating" heating system.

According to Qiu introduction, existing buildings are now upstairs to downstairs, a pipeline heating, is in series, and each household a total installed heat meters, is not feasible. Now technology has achieved breakthroughs in advanced technology introduced in Europe in each heat sink to upload a meter, low cost, very suitable for the measurement of transformation in China. This makes the heat just like water, electricity, as is strictly measured, it can control.

It is estimated that, in the northern region, if the room heating can be adjusted without windows, save 15% on energy consumption; If it is measurable, the owner on business or at work to turn the heating off, come back later to open on power consumption savings of 30%. 30% savings in energy consumption means that Beijing 5,000,000 tons of coal heating in winter, equivalent to 10 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is a huge figure, but also a formidable energy reduction targets, needs to be increased to promote urban heating system.

Building energy conservation is not just a government.

Every electrical device in the standby mode power consumption for the boot function normally about 10%; a 11-watt energy-saving lamp is equivalent to 60 watt incandescent light; use electronic ballasts, energy saving over traditional ballast 30 %; inverter air conditioning than conventional non-inverter air conditioner energy saving from 20 to 30 percent.

These energy-saving tips may seem small, over time, but it can save a lot of energy. Promotion of green building is not just a government, the majority of the residents is the ultimate green building practitioners and beneficiaries. Many energy saving building itself was good, but residents in the renovation process, the Qiangpi destroyed, or change the window, removed the ceiling, thus undermining the building's own energy and environmental protection.

Qiu said that it stipulates that any financial investment projects must meet the minimum building energy efficiency standards, building energy conservation must apply the identity; low-cost housing and affordable housing, regardless of which construction companies or organizations, must be energy efficient green buildings , which requires the government to implement, it requires that the citizens are concerned about oversight. Qiu said, building energy efficiency and green building, not stay in the experts, government officials and big business, big city, should enter the homes of ordinary people.

To let people know what is green building, not with flowers grass, fountain pool, green well in real estate is "green building." If people can be concerned about building energy efficiency and green buildings, housing energy consumption are noted, materials, indoor environment, carbon dioxide emissions, then we will form the consensus of market demand for green buildings. With the market demand, building energy efficiency and green building can to promote a society-wide application.

By: → Himfr Paul